Backpackers Cullinan – Liebencharm Guest House

Lieben Charm welcomes Backpackers and tourists!

Lieben charm take great pride in what we can offer backpackers and tourists just passing through, or wanting to take advantage of the great hikes and tourist attractions in this beautiful and interesting area.

Special rates are available for groups and we offer everything backpackers need when stopping over between hikes. These include:

  • Just being in the right area – and our proximity to Pretoria
  • A fully equipped self catering kitchen
  • 11 Rooms that can either sleep 2, 3, 4 or 6 people or individuals per room.
  • A variety of great Restaurants and historic attractions for backpackers to visit
  • Vibey little bars in the bush….Cheers!
  • V in the rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi – stay connected and up with the latest backpackers news and attractions.

A few great tips for backpackers:

Travel light – Your load can be your Nemesis – ensure that you carry just what you need – pre-plan the trip so you carry exactly what you will eat, drink etc. Top up when you stop over – take only what you need for each leg of the journey.

Wear great footwear – You most important purchase is a great pair of hiking boots. Don’t scrimp and think that old pair of ‘takkies’ will do – the comfort and proper support of your feet is absolutely essential. While using our free Wi-Fi, Google great online deals for quality hiking boots at the best prices.

Avoid tourist traps – We are delighted to give you whatever advice you may need to avoid tourist traps. We can tell you the best and most economical places to go – where to eat – what to see – and sadly crime is a reality everywhere, so we can also tell you about the places to avoid. On that subject, don’t travel with expensive jewellery and keep your money in a safe place.

Get a great night’s sleep – Sleep is essential for energy and to ensure you get the full enjoyment of everything you will experience. Sink into a luxurious bath and sleep soundly on comfortable mattresses between crisp clean sheets. Silence, relaxation and an atmosphere conducive to a great night’s sleep is our commitment and promise to you.

Speak to us about anything you need to know and contact us to make an early booking to avoid disappointment when backpacking or just stopping over in our beautiful town.

backpacker accommodation cullinan

Travelling to Cullinan may be fun and exciting especially if you are a backpackers cullinan. It always makes us thrilled to connect with new people of various mindsets and also to find out about their culture of Cullinan East of Pretoria. Travelling will take on various forms. One is backpacking and another is holidaying. Backpacking includes risks. Backpacking can be riskier than holidaying. People generally go on holidays to wind down. Lieben charm offers backpackers accommodation in Cullinan.

adventure zone cullinan prices

In recent years, the Cullinan tourism industry has definitely been targeting affluent travellers with more swanky resorts, restaurants and high-ticket tours, towards the extent that some backpacker blogs start to encourage their readers to give this fabulous destinantion a miss on their travels through South Africa and Pretoria.

One practical outline of advice may help you select suitable backpackers Cullinan. Saving money on your accommodation might seem the best way to have an overabundance of places to stay in Cullinan if you are away, but having good accommodation will rest your head when you find yourself on your trip however were to happen. Following are a couple of considerable factors offering guidance for you to start your travels:

Backpackers In Cullinan

Expensive hotels will take you in a day, although not the methods within our budget with backpackers accommodation. Luckily, we found the sole bar open on the square and met some locals who let’s crash at their place at Liebencharm. Point is, things happen. So leave a little take advantage of the cheap accommodation in Cullinan.

That is the real fortune of a backpacker – discovering new cities like Pretoria, revealing new landscapes, adoring wilderness who are around you, meeting people, making acquaintances. Have you ever walked up into rocky mountains of Cullinan, covered with greenery, inhabited by locals? Ever seen the mining history of Cullinan? Have you tasted at the very least a smaller bite of the delicious plate of food that they make in Cullinan? Have you smelled the inspiring aroma of a huge number of various flowers inside the gardens of Liebencharm backpackers or tried a drop of their popular wine?

cullinan activities for backpackers

backpackers cullinanBackpackers must also anticipate for events have a tendency to take place in lengthy trip delays, that they may encounter whenever they ride trains or buses. These modes of land transportation are given to extracting, and in most cases cause them to miss flights. These delays can cause the cullinan backpacker unexpected expenses when it comes to food (prior to the next flight comes) or housing (unless the backpacker is adamant to spending waiting times in airports or train stations).

Those expenses, plus fees in exchanging ticket times and dates should also be a part of a trip cancellation accommodation policy. Trip cancellation could possibly be contained in comprehensive accommodation packages, but there also those trip cancellation backpackers accommodation policies that protect travelers after booking up before the scheduled departure with the trip.

Cullinan has two major backpackers that accommodate travellers, Liebencharm. Both of them offer dorm beds, single rooms and doubles at reasonable rates. Liebencharm is usually busier and louder than Cullinan Backpackers, sometimes making it rare to find an excellent night’s sleep. The backpacker accommodation facilities at Liebencharm are cleaner plus more comfortable and the location is much more central as it is nearer to public transit stop utilized by the main bus lines that transport passengers to and from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

  • If you should get ill while travelling or backpacking in remote areas
  • of the entire world it is possible that you may must be used in a backpackers
  • medical facility at the closest major city, as well as closest hospital.
  • It is important to be sure your travel insurance includes cover for air ambulance and emergency medical repatriation.
  • Leaving this to chance or luck is foolish for any traveller.
  • Also, if you think maybe that your consulate or embassy will cover many medical costs.
  • In some parts of the globe you will not be treated without some guarantee of payment or proof of backpacker accommodation.

backpacker accommodation

Cullinan Backpacker AccommodationWhile on a backpacking trip which can be an adventurous travel, risky activities are all a part of fun and without risk the travel can be incomplete. Hence travel cover for backpacker is essential. accommodation policy can present you with the peace of mind which can be required on adventurous trips.

Trains and buses will get you there in less than one hour from your centre of Pretoria. Summertime is iconic when the Jacarandas bloom in all its glory but there’s always a lot of day -trippers, backpackers and locals about the historical mining town of Cullinan, relaxing around the grassy foreshore, exploring trendy boutiques, shooting pool and drinking ice cold beers or sipping coffees nearby. Beautiful people and backpackers mingle with visitors and sun-worshippers in an eclectic city-meets-countyside authentic Cullinan backpackers.


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